Harvia is proud to be gold sponsor of this year’s “AUFGUSS WM” (Infusion World Cup) in Berlin, Germany

We are pleased to announce that Harvia will be Gold Sponsor of the “Aufguss WM” at the SATAMA Therme in Berlin, Germany this year.

At the “Aufguss WM” show-infusions of the extra class are offered. These are sauna infusions supplemented by music, light, animation, costumes and choreography. This creates a special and incomparable “sweat experience”.

An expert jury, consisting of at least 6 persons, who will be present at the infusion in the sauna, rate the participants according to 6 criteria: Professionalism & overall impression of the infuser, heat increase & distribution of the heat, waving of the towel, used fragrances & their proper use, theme, implementation & show elements, emotions, creativity and atmosphere.

Another competition is the team competition, where 2 to 3 infusers perform a show-infusion together. The same criteria are judged, here comes added a seventh point: Team Spirit.

Harvia as Gold Sponsor takes advantage of this opportunity to be close to the action and to see the professional infusers at work.

“We are happy to see how sauna is increasing its’ popularity and be a part of this unique event. Harvia wishes all participants good luck”, says Sami Linna, CMO of Harvia.

More information at: www.aufguss-wm.com