Harvia offers sauna bathing to visitors of Slush

Slush, the technology sector’s mega-event, starts on Wednesday. Sauna manufacturer Harvia offers attendees a unique experience by building two saunas, ready for use, nearby the northern entrance of the Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre. One is a hybrid sauna, equipped with an electric as well as an infrared heater. The other sauna is heated traditionally, with wood. Sauna bathers won’t go in stark naked, nor do they need to bring their own swimwear and towels; all the essentials will be provided for.

Have your business meeting in, say, a hybrid sauna

The world-famous technology sector mega-event Slush is being held again at the end of this week. More than 20 thousand guests from tens of countries are expected to attend. This year, participants are offered a unique experience as the world’s leading sauna manufacturer Harvia has built Finnish saunas for Slush, ready for sizzling steam.

“We definitely encourage Slush visitors to have sauna meetings. In Finland, serious discussions are held and big decisions are made in the sauna. Throughout times, the sauna has also been a birthplace of new ideas. At least part of Slush’s audience, namely those who have participated in Startup Sauna’s mentoring programme, know this already,” says Harvia’s Managing Director, Tapio Pajuharju.

Relaxing moments & natural wellbeing

Relaxation and wellness are the hot trend in sauna culture right now. Sauna is not just a place to wash yourself, but most of all a precious moment to enjoy on your own or together. This trend comes from Central Europe and is very international indeed, just like Harvia as a world leader in its sector and the mega-event Slush are very international. Everyone at Slush can freely use Harvia’s saunas by renting a towel.

“Harvia operates in more than 80 countries, which makes taking part in Slush natural for us. ‘Relaxing moments and natural wellbeing’ is our international motto. We offer Slush’s visitors a unique experience and the best possible opportunity to spend time together relaxedly; a Finnish environment for big decisions in the genuine spirit of Slush,” Pajuharju describes.

It is very easy for the busy Slush attendee to pop into the steam. No need to go to sauna stark naked, nor do people need to bring their own swimwear and towels. Shower rooms and sauna accessories are provided for.

“A meeting can, for example, be arranged in such a way that people relax in the steam room and then talk business while cooling down in the dressing room. I don’t think Slush guests need any instructions in this area,” Pajuharju states.

Infrared as well as wood heating

Harvia’s saunas at Slush are the Hybrid Solide and the Solide Outdoor models. The former has a Legend electric heater which, in keeping with the spirit of the event, is the very newest in its category. In addition to the Legend heater’s soft steam, the custom-built Hybrid Solide sauna also allows bathers to relax in infrared warmth. In Central European style, the infrared radiators are positioned so that the sauna bather’s back is most affected. The Solide Outdoor 3 sauna, in turn, is a tribute to the traditional Finnish sauna atmosphere as it is heated with wood.

“A second megatrend in sauna culture, in addition to the enthusiasm for wellness, is about engaging multiple senses; not just the feeling of heat and humidity but also, for example, the smell of  different fragrances or the sound of your favorite music. Furthermore, warmth and relaxation can also come from infrared waves. We are digitalizing sauna,” Tapio Pajuharju states.

Slush is a large business event that has been organised in Helsinki every year since 2008, gathering together the world’s most successful companies. This year the event starts on Wednesday, November 29, and ends on December 1.