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Press Release
4 September 2019

Battle in Berendonck

“Sauna-Festival with Friends”: This year’s AUFGUSS-WM will take place in the newly built Wellness Thermen Berendonck in Wijchen near Nijmegen (Netherlands) – close to the German border.
From 16 to 22 September 2019, 32 individual participants and 32 teams will compete for the coveted title WORLD CHAMPION AUFGUSS. The firmly established international major event will be held in this form for the seventh time in a row. The interest in the public and in the media is correspondingly high.

Main sponsor, this year again, is the internationally active Finnish company HARVIA Sauna & Spa. “Relaxing Moments & Natural Wellbeing”: under this slogan HARVIA offers “complete solutions for all requirements and facilities to optimize sauna and spa experiences”.

An ideal initiator of the AUFGUSS-WM and responsible for the rules and regulations is the association AUFGUSS-WM e.V., which was founded in 2017. It has numerous members from currently
13 countries. The registered office, located in Bielefeld, is the so-called German Sauna Association. Torsten Splanemann-Du Chesne, Vice-President of the AUFGUSS-WM and one of the initiators of the competition, is looking forward this year to “many impressive Show Aufgusses with challenging topics for reflection”. It is also positive that some teams compete with three people and thus “bring more excitement and movement“.

Eleven European countries participate in the Show Aufguss battle in Berendonck. The Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Italy and Germany are particularly well represented. The best of the best were determined in national qualifyings. The criteria for the evaluation are the same everywhere: An international expert jury awards points for professionalism, heat increase, waving techniques, fragrance selection, theme of Show Aufguss, show elements, emotions / creativity / atmosphere and team spirit.

Who will win the competition this year, is completely open. There are no clear favorites in the two competition categories Single and Team. The “Masters of Aufguss” (MoA) present as an artistical performance themes from the films “Greatest Showman” or “Road to Happiness”, as well as personal interpretations of “Madworld”, “The Magical Apple” or the historical drama “Pompeii”.
The Show Aufgusses will be shown in the multimedia Sauna-Theater in the outdoor area of the Thermen Berendonck. A four and a half meter wide LED screen, supports the performances on the large “sauna stage”. Nearly 200 people can simultaneously follow the action there. AUFGUSS-WM Vice-President Torsten Splanemann-
Du Chesne claims: “This Aufguss-Sauna sets new standards for Show Aufguss. The audience will be thrilled. ”

During the major international event, lasting several days, thousands of enthusiastic sauna fans from the Netherlands and Germany, as well as from other European countries, are expected.
The organizers of this year’s AUFGUSS-WM are the Wellness Thermen Berendonck, which opened their doors in May. The client and operator is the Dolman family holding Quality Wellnessresorts, which includes the thermal baths Bussloo, Soesterberg and Bad Nieuweschans. The AUFGUSS-WM has already been held once in Soesterberg (2017) and in Bussloo (2014).

On 21 and 22 September, the third “World Wellness Weekend” will take place in over 100 countries. The association AUFGUSS-WM supports this international movement, whose goal it is to “live better throughout the year”.

www.aufguss-wm.de (also on Facebook)
www.thermenberendonck.de (also on Facebook)
www.world-wellness-weekend.org (also on Facebook)