Harvia’s new Cilindro Plus offers a carefully thought-out sauna bathing experience

The extensive range of favourite heaters by sauna and spa company Harvia has gained a new member: Cilindro Plus is a next-generation pillar-type electric sauna heater that offers excellent heat for larger saunas. The stylish brushed stainless steel surface of the heater crosses the t’s in your sauna interior.

The tall Cilindro Plus is an impressive heater that can also be embedded into the bench, making it a stylish yet practical part of your sauna interior. The pillar-type heater provides a higher quality sauna experience than a traditional wall-mounted heater, and it distributes heat evenly thanks to the large rock surface area.

The heater boasts excellent heating properties. The large number of stones on the heater provides beautiful heat, and thanks to the pillar construction, the user may control the amount of heat. Soft and humid heat is provided when water is thrown onto the side of the heater and sharp heat is generated by throwing water straight on top of the stone pillar.

Quality heat and safety

The Cilindro Plus heater has a fixed switch on the bottom front of the heater. The child-proof switch makes using the heater easy and safe even for families with children. The light on the switch is illuminated when the heater is either switched on or on a timer.

A protective sheath is available as an accessory, allowing for installation closer to the wall or the benches. The protective sheath also protects the sauna from stone dust and shields the wooden surfaces from splashing water. Available accessories also include a stylish safety railing, attached to the Cilindro Plus with discreet but sturdy fasteners. You can also equip the safety railing with an LED light strip, which provides your sauna with atmospheric illumination.

“The new Harvia Cilindro Plus heater meets the needs of many different types of sauna bathers because of its safety and versatility. The heater is a seamless part of a stylish and practical sauna interior whether installed traditionally or embedded into the benches,” says Harvia’s Marketing Director Sami Linna.