The common cause of sauna bathing and biathlon

Harvia and the Finnish Biathlon Association have signed a cooperation agreement according to which Harvia continues to be the association’s national men’s and women’s teams’ main cooperation partner.

Thanks to our cooperation last season, we have received positive feedback and wide, international exposure. While supporting Finnish top-level sport, we also reach out to our target audience, which consists of people interested in sports, well-being, and, of course, sauna.

Each party’s ambitions and competitive advantages are almost perfectly combined in this partnership. Our common objective is to put Finland and Finnish excellence firmly on the world map. The biathletes and the sauna manufacturer both succeed in international competition through endurance, perseverance, and professionalism.

“Just like a biathlete is an all-rounder, we also need to be all-rounders, mastering all aspects of sauna bathing,” Harvia’s Managing Director, Tapio Pajuharju, states.

Operating in the international sauna market, the partnership is of particular interest to Harvia because both sauna bathing and biathlon enjoy wide popularity in Central and Eastern Europe. In many countries in this region, biathlon is practiced at a very high level.

“We are very pleased to continue our cooperation with the world’s leading sauna manufacturer. It is good to prolong this successful partnership on the basis of our great common experiences last season. We believe that the success of Finnish biathletes will keep promoting Harvia in international sauna markets,” Executive Director Antti Afflekt of the Finnish Biathlon Association, states.

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