Bauska SPA offers a harmonious oasis of relaxation in an idyllic town

The beautiful city of Bauska in southern Latvia is surrounded by green forest and charming farms. The newly built spa has turned Bauska into an excellent holiday destination to put your mind and body at ease.

Light, earthy tones where the colors of choice for Bauska SPA’s interior.

The harmonious and bright spa enchants visitors with its soft-shaped furniture and impressive fountains. Harvia was invited to contribute to Bauska SPA’s planning because of its first-class know-how, while working with local designers and their innovative ideas. The result is gorgeous, a true oasis of relaxation.

The architect responsible for Bauska SPA’s appearance benefited not only from input by Harvia’s experts, but also from its cooperation partner Sauna Katram’s know-how in spa design. One aim at Bauska SPA was to introduce different sauna experiences through warmth, steam, and infrared heating. The spa features two traditional saunas, a steam room, and an infrared sauna.

The choice of heat source for the sleek sauna department fell on Harvia Virta Pro, favored by professionals because the special demands put forward by spa conditions have been taken into consideration in its design.

The unique forms of the steam room and spa furniture came into being with the help of Harvia’s Spa Modules

The heated Spa Modules armchairs make those relaxing moments after swimming even more pleasurable. Their curved design was also applied to the spa’s shower environment, where the furniture talks the same design language as the rest of the interior.

The Carbon infrared heaters provide for a soft sauna experience, even in the most demanding spa circumstances. By drawing aspen bench solutions into the planning, the architect introduced light color tones to the saunas.