Black and white comfort zone

A family of sauna enthusiasts replaced their swimming pool with a stylish spa area

Esa Mäki got to design a new sauna and spa area in the nearly 50 m2 pool area of his house. He and his sauna-loving family had decided to replace the pool. Mäki carried out the design work together with interior designer Sini Soivuori and Harvia’s sauna designer team.


“We had the big picture planned, but Harvia’s sauna designers gave us good advice regarding the smaller details,” Mäki says.

Colour scheme first
Interior designer Soivuori designed a white tile scheme for the back wall of the sauna. Harvia’s designer team based their bench and wall material suggestions on Soivuori’s design. The Mäki family wanted the sauna to be black and white, yet with a lighting solution that ensures that the atmosphere is not too dark.


For the heart of the sauna, the choice fell on a Cilindro model pillar heater with a white, half-open outer casing that enables bathers to throw water onto a larger stone surface. “We’ve been extremely happy with the Cilindro’s features,” praises Mäki. “Having a sauna bath is relaxing and reduces stress. Thus, the sauna has a positive effect on your quality of sleep, among other things.”