Can sauna help prevent virus infections?

Sauna use improves your health and can help prevent virus infections

Sauna bathing has many proven health benefits. In addition to the effects on heart health, sleep quality and fitness recovery, the moist sauna heat can reduce the frequency of illness.

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Protection against viruses

Sauna itself is not a cure to infections but it can help reduce the chances of catching a flu and other illnesses. Viruses generally spread from person to person via physical contact, and they can also exist on surfaces and be transmitted by coughing and sneezing.

Part of the sauna bathing routine includes washing before and after the sauna, helping to prevent transmission via physical contact.

Moist heat helps counter the potential infection

Sauna bathing is one way to help render viruses inactive prior to entering the body.

It has been studied that high temperatures and especially moist heat with water vapor can deactivate viruses effectively. Even at a temperature of 55-70 ° C (moist heat), the virus can be countered within a few minutes and thus there is a loss of infectivity (Böhm, R. 2002. Virusinaktivierung).

Already sick? Don’t go to sauna

If you already have a high fever or feel like you are getting sick, you should rest rather than take a sauna. Sauna affects the body like moderate exercise, and exercise is not recommended if you have the flu or anything that causes fever, muscle aches and weakness. It is common to assume you can sweat out the virus, but medical experts don’t recommend it.

We hope you stay healthy and enjoy plenty of relaxing moments in your sauna!