Celebration of light and mosaic

The Moscow-based design and construction company Sauna Production has been using Harvia Spa Modules since their launching. The company’s main products include Hammam steam rooms, in addition to which it builds traditional Russian and Finnish saunas.

The popularity of Hammams is on the rise in Russia. The accompanying 3D illustration was prepared for the Koprino Bay Park Hotel’s extensive wellness centre, built at the mouth of the Volga River. The Byzantine style shown in the image is typical for Hammams – eastern features are generally more visible in Russia than in Finnish locations. As a whole, the centre houses two Hammams, a Finnish sauna and a Russian bathing area with a pool.

Thanks to the sturdiness of the spa modules and their resistance to water, the builder provides Hammams with a 10-year warranty, provided that they are used and maintained appropriately.

Harvia Spa Modules are excellently suited for 3D design, as compatible 3D models are available for each product. These models are easy to include in the design to see how the end result works.

The Spa Modules product family comprises modules made of extruded XPS polystyrene, combining the sturdiness of concrete with the moldability of polystyrene. The Spa Modules product family includes modules intended for Hammam and spa environments, ranging from individual benches to a shower recess and entire steam rooms.