Harvia DUO - Twice the atmosphere

The Finnish Harvia Duo is a unique “2-in-1” solution, combining a wood-burning SAUNA HEATER and a FIREPLACE. With it, you get to enjoy twice the atmosphere by lighting a single fire.

As you heat up your sauna for steam, you can at the same time enjoy the pleasant ambience of a fireplace in the next room. The wood-burning sauna heater creates the traditional sauna spirit and produces great steam. After bathing you can relish in the aprês-sauna comfort of your fireplace room, and maybe fry a sausage and have a refreshment… before going back to the sauna.

What kind of Duo-heater would you like?

You can chose from different models and wattages for mid-sized (8-24 m2) as well as large (10-50 m2) saunas.

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Harvia Legend 240 Duo, Harvia Legend 300 Duo

Hand-forged Harvia Legend Duo wood burners provide an unmatched steam experience. The black metal frame includes a mighty pile of stones to release their legendary steam. Thanks to the warmth contained within the large amount of stones, one can throw steam generously, even at lower temperatures.

Legend Duo
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Harvia 20 Duo, Harvia 36 Duo

Harvia Duo is durable in use. The heater’s exterior is made of high-class stainless steel. The heater features a big and stylish, steel-framed glass front.

Harvia Duo

Innovation and Finnish design combined

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The Harvia Duo glass wall

When you want light to your sauna and warmth to your lounge area, the innovative Harvia Duo glass wall is your solution. As the Harvia Duo heater is installed through a wall, the glass wall is designed to go with it. Not only is the glass wall a stylish interior object; it serves a function as well, by distributing warmth and light between the sauna and the lounge area. You can also install the heater and the glass wall in such a way that the fireplace opens to a terrace and the glass wall passes natural light through to the sauna. Furthermore, the light-colored satin glass enables the introduction of large glass surfaces to outdoor saunas - such as the Harvia Solide Outdoor design sauna. The Duo glass wall is compatible with all Harvia Duo heaters.

Duo Glass Wall