Enchanting magic from Lapland

In their sauna department, Lapland Hotels Tampere wanted to create a world that takes their guests into the midsts of Lapland’s wilderness. In close collaboration with Harvia, an authentic – albeit modern – Lapp feeling is now to be experienced in one infrared and two electric saunas at the hotel’s top floor. Harvia carried out the facelift from start to finish, from design to installation.

The selected material included thick, log-like, dark-toned timber from the Solide sauna furnishing collection. Carbon black created the illusion of weathered walls and benches. The black, steely Modulo heater gives a modern touch to the interior.

High-tech comes into play in the infrared sauna, with a large screen that lets the visitor admire panoramas from Lapland, the spell of open fire, or even take hot yoga instructions. Infrared radiators were embedded into panels with the help of a special grid-like structure. The entire experience was completed by lighting designed by Harvia’s Legend sauna accessories.

The shower and sauna areas radiate the atmosphere of Lapland, albeit in a modern way