Harvia Glow

See the sauna heater in a new light!

Finnish design

The beautifully designed Harvia Glow heater is at home even in the most stylish of environments. It renews the look of the family sauna and inspires enthusiastic interior designers at home. The majestic pillar heater sits like a crown between the sauna benches. It is a true focal point.

In full Glow

Whether you are passionate about interior design, saunas or both, Glow will not leave you cold. Thanks to the large stone surface, the heater provides gorgeous steam – it is a genuine Harvia heater, after all. Illuminating the heater will add a beautiful atmosphere to the sauna.

Thanks to its height, Glow works especially well embedded into benches. The impressive pillar heater clearly rises above the middle bench.
The safety railing made from heat-treated Aspen is a stylish addition to your interior design. The LED light reflected from the railing provides the finishing touch to the look.
The heater is quick to heat, and the internal tunnel improves the circulation of air. The arrangement of the stones, or the stones crumbling, will not affect the operation of the thermostat.
The Glow excels in a medium-sized family sauna. The Glow Corner, intended for corner installation in saunas, also fits smaller spaces when necessary.
Thanks to the large surface area of the rock pillar, Glow provides balanced and humid heat. The softness of the heat is easy to control by throwing water onto the side or the top of the rock pillar.
Glow is available with traditional controls or as a digital model E. The control unit, installed outside the sauna, will allow for flexibility when designing the benches of the sauna.

Compliment your Glow with gorgeous accessories. The safety railing made out of heat-treated Aspen and the steel embedding flange are available with stylish LED lights.

The digital control unit installed onto the wall is easy and accurate to use. You can control the temperature of your Glow model E without stooping down – in one degree increments.

Glow Corner allows you to enjoy the benefits of pillar heaters even in small spaces. The corner-installed model continues in the familiar design of the Glow and can be embedded into the benches, much like its bigger brother.