HARVIA LEGEND GREENFLAME -woodburning sauna stove

PURE FEELING for your sauna

Behind Harvia Legend GreenFlame -wood burning sauna stove’s glass door the fire roars cleaner and brighter. You can focus purely on what’s essential: the sauna’s pleasant atmosphere

Harvia - Legend Green Flame

Sustainable development

The Harvia GreenFlame® fire chamber has been optimised with clean combustion in mind. GreenFlame is a part of Harvia’s persistent development work on our journey towards even cleaner wood burning.
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Cleaner combustion in the GreenFlame fire chamber

Thanks to the new kind of air control method of the Harvia GreenFlame® fire chamber, the carbon monoxide emissions are significantly lower than before. The smaller the share of carbon monoxide emissions is compared to the total combustion gases, the cleaner the combustion process.

1. Air is conducted through the ash box and the hatch to the fire chamber.

2. There, the air will be mixed evenly with the combustion process, which leads to clean com-bustion.

3. The hot flue gases will go through the channels in the top part of the sauna heater, efficiently transmitting heat to the heater frame, stones and the whole sauna.

4. The combustion gases will exit through the chimney.

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The Legendary löyly-experience

Harvia Legend GreenFlame stove's massive amount of stones guarantee a soft and powerful löyly-experience.