Strategy and targets

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We aim to be the leading player in the sauna and spa market. Our key strategic priorities in achieving this aim are as follows:

Increasing the value of the average purchase

We aim to grow the share of more advanced sauna heaters and more comprehensive sauna solutions and also increase the sales of our other premium products.

We seek to increase the value of the average purchase through upselling, such as offering besides a heater also items such as control unit, safety rail, sauna accessories, spare parts and sauna heater stones. We also continue to develop innovations that enhance the customer experience. The company seeks to selectively expand its turnkey deliveries offered in particular to professional customers, examples of which can be found in sauna and spa facilities built at Finnish hotels.

Harvia also seeks to expand its offering in higher price product segments and is launching a new brand SENTIO by Harvia in the highest price segment during 2018.

Geographical expansion

We aim to grow our market share in all of our markets in Finland, Scandinavia, Germany, other EU countries, Russia and North America by strengthening our distribution network and thus improving availability and visibility of  products tailored to Harvia’s main market.

Geographical area Harvia’s strategic objectives
Central Europe
  • to benefit from the Sentiotec acquisition by optimizing the distribution strategies of Harvia and Sentiotec and by making use of cross-selling
  • to obtain more distributors in the professional channel
  • to introduce to the market products from the company’s existing product range that are better suited to local consumer preferences
  • to expand beyond major cities to regional centres
  • to support company’s current distributors’ operations in major cities outside Moscow and St.Petersburg regions, by making use of trade shows and product demonstrations, and by organizing distributor seminars also outside major cities
North America
  • seek to increase company’s geographical presence
  • to better and more broadly introduce to the market products from the current product range that are suited to the North American market
  • aims to grow the sales of higher price point saunas and sauna components by enhancing it’s presence in relevant distribution channels.

Improving the efficiency of production

According to the management, Harvia’s facilities in Muurame are highly efficient and its operations are flexible. We constantly seek to improve operational efficiency by means which include the geographical structure of production, streamlining purchases and logistics, optimising our product offering, designing the products to be easy to manufacture, increasing our capacity utilisation rate, and introducing a higher degree of automation at our production facilities.

The company seeks to continue to optimise its product offering through measures designed to reduce the volume of overlapping and slow-turnover products. This also serves the aim of reducing inventory levels.