CEO and management team

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The Board of Directors appoints and, if necessary, dismisses the CEO and decides on the CEO’s terms of employment, defined in a written service contract approved by the Board. The CEO is appointed for the post until further notice. The Board of Directors evaluates the CEO’s work and performance in achieving the assigned targets. The CEO cannot be elected as Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

The CEO is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company. The CEO is responsible for ensuring that the targets, plans, guidelines and goals set by the Board are carried out within Harvia. According to the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, the CEO ensures that the accounting practices of the company comply with the law and that asset management is arranged in a reliable manner.

Tapio Pajuharju acts as the CEO of Harvia, appointed by the Board of Directors.


The Management Team supports the CEO and is responsible for the development and operational management of the Group, in accordance with the goals set by the Board of Directors and the CEO. The Management Team also defines the operating principles and procedures in line with the direction given by the Board of Directors. The Management Team convenes monthly and when needed and focuses on strategic questions concerning the Group and businesses. Questions concerning financial development, governance, corporate responsibility and development projects are regularly on the agenda. The CEO acts as the chairperson of the Group’s Management Team.