Kämp Spa Refreshed its Image

Kämp Spa changed its dark, Asian design style for a northern, light and cosmopolitan style direction.

As part of an overall renovation, Helsinki’s historical luxury hotel Kämp recently upgraded its sauna department. The aim was not only to make the saunas more user friendly, beautiful and modern, but also to improve the hotel guests’ complete spa experience. According to Kämp Spa’s Spa Manager, Anne Vähäpassi, these objectives were achieved in close cooperation with Harvia: “Harvia listened to us very carefully. It is very important to us that we pay due attention to our customers’ wishes and needs. With Harvia, this went exactly right.”

Because its divans are an iconic part of Kämp Spa, their design language was to be preserved with the upgrade. In addition to incorporating the divans, Harvia delivered a renewed Finnish sauna as well as a larger, eucalyptus steam room. As for material, light Scandinavian colour tones were chosen in honour of Kämp’s traditional image. For example, the divans were finished with tablet strip tiles.

“This is truly user-centric design,” Kämp Spa’s Spa Manager, Anne Vähäpassi, said as she described the divans.

As part of the renewal, the saunas were made more spacious to accommodate customers’ wishes. Harvia’s Solide bench model was treated to become translucent white and the walls were fitted with custom-made Solide panels. Since the renovation, the saunas are located behind the divans, so that they are easier to reach. Harvia’s professional heaters are durable and easy to operate. The heater selected for Kämp Spa is the prestigious Cilindro Pro, equipped with a safety railing made by Harvia’s carpenters.

When it comes to details, quality was never compromised. For example, the doors have extra-long handles.