The Harvia Duo glass wall is a doubly brilliant innovation. When you wish to have light in your sauna and warmth in your lounge area, the solution lies in the Harvia Duo glass wall. Designed for use with Harvia Duo stoves, the glass wall is not only a stylish decorative element, but a way to share light and heat between the sauna and the lounge area. You can also install the stove and the glass wall so that the stove door opens to your terrace and the glass wall allows natural light to illuminate the sauna. The light-coloured satin glass wall also makes it possible to bring large glass surfaces to outdoor saunas, such as the Harvia Solide Outdoor design sauna. The Duo glass wall is compatible with all Harvia Duo stoves.

Find twice the inspiration for decorating your sauna with Harvia, the world’s largest sauna stove manufacturer and a pioneer in Sauna & Spa technology with more than 60 years of experience.

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