Colour lights

The Harvia colour light system enables you to create different atmospheres in your sauna to suit your mood. Colours also have an effect on your health, and sometimes you naturally crave to be surrounded by a colour that feels good to you. Red is a sensual and powerful colour that brings energy to your being. Blue creates harmony and makes your thoughts as calm as the surface of a lake. If you wish to enhance your creativity, choose the natural green, which also relaxes you. How about yellow? It brings warmth and lovely sunshine to your sauna experience. The colour light device is easily controlled with the Griffin Colour Light control unit, which allows you to choose the colour of your liking, adjust the intensity and set the colour to change at an interval of your choosing. The colour lights are available for the Solar, Exclusive, Formula and Ventura sauna decoration schemes. Innovative Harvia quality since 1950.

(must be equipped with a Griffin CG170T control unit)

Add light and colours to your sauna experience

With Harvia colour light, the atmosphere you desire is in your hands. Colours have a significant effect on the overall health of human beings. Harvia's colour light system consists of a colour light device and a Griffin Colour Light control unit. The system can be installed in medium-sized and large saunas.

The colour light device contains four different coloured halogen lamps (green, red, blue and yellow). With the colour light control unit you can set the desired colour light, adjust brightness and speed of the colour light alteration.