Combinator 8,0 kW heater with a steamer KM80SE

The Harvia Combinator is a combined electric heater and steamer. This heater is the right choice for those who appreciate soft and humid steam and an aromatic atmosphere – as well as
those who want variety in their sauna experiences. In addition to a traditional sauna, you can also turn your sauna into a steam sauna, herbal sauna or aromatic sauna. The scented bags and
herbs are set on top of the steamer’s grate. Combi heaters are controlled with a separate control unit that allows you to choose not only the temperature but the humidity percentage as well –
digitally and precisely.

(must be equipped with a separate control unit)

Create a variety of sauna experiences with ease

Harvia Combinator is a combined electric heater and steamer that provide different sauna pleasures. You can select between a traditional Finnish sauna, a steam sauna, a herbal sauna or a fragrant sauna. This heater is the correct choice for bathers who appreciate a soft and humid bath and an aromatic atmosphere.

Combinator is a wall-mounted electric heater with a top-quality stainless steel surface. The water tank holds 5 litres. The heater has soapstone cups to hold liquid fragrances and a stainless steel grate for bagged aromatic fragrances.

Color Black
Output kW 8
Weight kg 16
Dimensions depth cm 36
Dimensions width cm 40
Dimensions height cm 64
Sauna room min. m3 7
Sauna room max. m3 12
Sauna min. height 190
Stone capacity max. kg 20
Dimensions depth cm 36
Supply voltage 3-phase 400 V 3N ~
Connecting cable mm2 5 x 1,5
Fuse A 3 x 10A
Water tank capacity l 5
Vaporisation efficiency kW 2