Harvia Delta is a triangular space saver, the design of which is based on the Greek letter delta (Δ). The stylish heater, made of shiny stainless steel, contains a generous amount of stones that give off a wonderful cloud of steam. Thanks to its design, Delta can be placed in a corner for optimal utilisation of space.

Output 2,3 kW 3,6 kW
Heater control Separate Control Unit Built-in Control Unit
Choose the right output
The calculatory volume of your sauna
Color Teräs
Output kW
Weight kg 8
Dimensions depth cm 20
Dimensions width cm 34
Dimensions height cm 63,5
Sauna room min. m3
Sauna room max. m3
Sauna min. height 170
Stone capacity max. kg 11 (Ø 5–10 cm, AC3000)
Supply voltage 2-phase 400 V 2N
Connecting cable mm2 4 x 1,5
Fuse A 2 x 10
Supply voltage 1-phase 230 V 1N
Connecting cable mm2
Fuse A

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