The Scandinavian design of Exclusive benches represents a discreet style while also being practical. The longitudinal boarding of the benches highlights the sleek look, is comfortable to sit on and minimises exposure to moisture. The Exclusive sauna interior model is also well-suited for large saunas and is designed to withstand continuous, heavy-duty use.

The detachable bench covers facilitate cleaning and installation. The material options include alder, abachi, aspen and heat-treated aspen. The backrests and bench surrounds are made of the same wood material as the benches.

Well-suited for large saunas

The depth options for the upper benches range from 385 to 1,265 mm. The lengths of the benches are customised to your sauna. The interior comprises compatible benches, backrests and a footstool. If necessary, the benches can be supported with an end support. The backrest is also available with a corner piece that allows a light to be installed behind it. The corner piece also completes the interior in corner-model solutions.