The Harvia Formula sauna decoration scheme is a stylish, linear and simplified solution that is bound to please all bathers. The material options for the popular Formula bench scheme are: golden yellow abachi, reddish brown alder, light aspen and dark, heat-treated aspen. You are also sure to find a perfectly suited Harvia heater or stove for your stylish sauna.

Expect gentle sauna moments in your traditionally cosy Formula sauna, the quality of which is guaranteed by Harvia with more than 60 years of experience.

Linear style for your sauna decoration

Simple lines, fresh forms. Formula is the right interior for you if you appreciate linear design. The basic Variant sauna package includes the Formula interior made of abachi unless you specifically select another wood material or interior design. Formula uses abachi, aspen, alder or heat-treated aspen as the material for the benches, backrests and bench surrounds.

Dimensions depth cm 40 cm / 50 cm / 60 cm