Glass door with an aluminium frame DA71904V

The aluminium-framed glass door by Harvia is an excellent solution for facilities where the materials are required to have an especially good resistance to humidity. The stylish and simplistic grey aluminium frame can be combined with a durable glass door with a colour of your choosing, such as bronze, smoky grey, clear or satin. The aesthetically pleasing glass door by Harvia creates a soft atmospheric lighting and a sense of space in the sauna and the shower room. The Harvia aluminium frame door is available as both a single and a double glass door. Grab the stylish, chrome-plated Harvia doorknob and enjoy the quality of a Sauna & Spa pioneer of more than 60 years.

Size 7 x 19 8 x 21 8 x 19
9 x 21 9 x 19
Dimensions width cm 69
Dimensions height cm 189