Harvia 10 iron stove WU100

An iron stove is an excellent source of heat for holiday homes, sauna cottages and wilderness cabins. It has a warm heart, and you can even brew coffee quickly on it.

Heat source for your sauna cottage

The entire fire chamber and cooking area of Harvia 10 are made of strong cast iron that retains heat very well. Thanks to its convenient size, it is also easy to place. The durable, cast-iron door with ceramic glass is standard equipment on the iron stove. There is a convenient storage space in the bottom of the stove. Power 6,7 kW/20–200 m3.

Teho kW 6,7
Paino kg 85
Syvyys cm 57
Leveys cm 36
Korkeus cm 75
Savuaukon halkaisija mm 115