Heat-treated aspen STP 70×15 panelling boards STP 70x15

The heat-treated aspen STP 70×15 panelling boards by Harvia create an elegantly dark look for your sauna. The heat-treated aspen maintains its form well year after year. The wood material has a dark colour and a pleasant scent. The colour of the wood can be accentuated with a paraffin oil treatment. Familiarise yourself with Harvia’s versatile and high-quality sauna decoration products and design a sauna to match your dreams.

You can always trust the quality of the world’s largest sauna heater and stove manufacturer and a pioneer in Sauna & Spa technology since 1950 – Harvia.

The panelling creates the visual look of your sauna

Heat-treated aspen preserves its shape well as the years pass. It is the darkest in colour of Harvia panelling material and also has a pleasant scent. You can accentuate the shade of the wood with paraffin oil.

  STP 70x15
Dimensions width cm 7
Dimensions depth cm 1,5