HGX steam generator

The Harvia HGX steam generator is a source of well-being and relaxation. Create a spa atmosphere in your home, let the warm steam caress your senses and forget your hectic everyday life for a moment. Harvia HGX is also a reliable solution for spas, providing perfect moments of indulgence for your customers. The steam generator can also be equipped with an accessory touch control panel to create ethereal fragrances and an atmospheric lighting in your steam room. In the course of more than 60 years, Harvia has grown into the world’s largest sauna heater and stove manufacturer to create perfect spa experiences to match your dreams.

Output 2.2 kW 4.5 kW 5.7 kW
9.0 kW 10.8 kW 15.0 kW
Color Steel
Output kW
Weight kg 9
Dimensions depth cm 15
Dimensions width cm 53
Dimensions height cm 23
Supply voltage 3-phase
Connecting cable mm2
Fuse A
Supply voltage 1-phase
Connecting cable mm2
Fuse A
Vaporisation efficiency kW