HSW5L Illuminated Protective Glass Sheath For Wall-Mounted Sauna Heaters HSW5L

Harvia’s illuminated protective glass sheath HSW5L is a recommended way to increase the safety of sauna bathers around a wall-mounted sauna heater. Made of translucent Optiwhite glass, the protective sheath reflects soft LED light beautifully and completes the ambience of your sauna interior. The protective glass sheath is tempered, making it safe to use. 

For safe sauna experiences – Harvia.

  • Increased safety through an illuminated heater-mounted protective sheath
  • The illuminated protective sheath is made of translucent, tempered Optiwhite glass
  • The LED lighting of the protective sheath reflects a soft, ambient light in the sauna room
  • The wall mountings are made of stainless steel.
Compatible with

Harvia Kip electric heater

The Wall electric heater

Item number HSW600400
EAN 6410082666911
Weight kg 2,80
Dimensions depth cm 4,5
Dimensions width cm 38
Dimensions height cm 55