The Harvia Kivi electric heater is an impressive piece of raw natural power. The beginning and the power of the Finnish sauna tradition comes from heating up a huge pile of stones. That is what inspired us as well. The Harvia Kivi heater combines a centuries-old tradition with the latest technology to create the ultimate sauna experience. Thanks to the massive amount of stones and the tall design, you can adjust the nature of the steam from soft to sharp by throwing water either to the side of the heater or straight on top of the stone pillar. A naturally powerful sauna experience is set in stones.

Heater control Digital Control Panel Separate Control Unit
Output 6,9 kW 9,0 kW
Choose the right output
The calculatory volume of your sauna
Color Teräs
Output kW
Weight kg 15
Dimensions depth cm 37
Dimensions width cm 37
Dimensions height cm 120
Sauna room min. m3
Sauna room max. m3
Sauna min. height 190
Stone capacity max. kg 100 (Ø 5–10 cm, AC3000)
Supply voltage 3-phase
Connecting cable mm2
Fuse A
Supply voltage 1-phase
Connecting cable mm2
Fuse A