Legend Glass Door

The Harvia Legend glass door is part of the heroic story of Harvia, founded in 1950 and currently the world’s largest manufacturer of sauna heaters and stoves. The rustic and rough Legend glass door is the perfect door to accompany a handmade Legend heater or stove forged by Harvia’s master blacksmiths and the Legend decoration scheme. The door frame is made of black stained pine or black painted aluminium, and the handle is made of black painted hardwood. For the colour of the door, choose between clear, bronze, smoky grey or satin. Open the Legend door, sit back on the bench and enjoy a gentle and humid sauna experience – this is the beginning of your legendary sauna story.

Size 7 x 19 8 x 21 8 x 19
9 x 21 9 x 19
Dimensions width cm
Dimensions height cm