Legend sauna bucket SASPO100

The story of Harvia can be seen in the new Harvia Legend family of sauna accessories. The accessories are an elegant combination of wood and metallic details. The round design of the selection is inspired by the shape of aeroplanes. The products of the selection also feature metal rivets – just like the aeroplanes of yesteryear.

For a legendarily gentle sauna experience

Sauna accessories that comply seamlessly with Harvia Legend stoves and heaters – a tribute to the story of the origin of Harvia. Founder of Harvia, Tapani Harvia, survived a plane crash in the 40’s. After the crash, he took a sauna, and while heaving water onto the old rusty metal stove he understood his mission in life: to manufacture the highest quality sauna heaters. The new Legend accessory range has round design and metal staples – just like vintage airplanes.


Volume: 9 l
Color: Black
Material: Stainless steel

Color Black
Weight kg 2,2
Dimensions width cm 35,1
Dimensions height cm 31,5
Dimensions depth cm 26,2