Legend water heater, 25 litres WP250LD

Perfectly compatible with Legend stoves, the pipe model water heater quickly heats up your bathwater. The 25-litre water heater will crown your Legend stove the king of all cottage saunas. The tap solution of the Legend water heater is placed away from the hot water tank and the stove. This makes the tap safer to use, as there is no fear of hot water splashes. For safe sauna experiences – Harvia.

Legend water heater, 25 litres

The water heats up quickly in a stylish Thermio water heater because the pipe going through the tank functions as a wall of the water tank.

The front of the water heater is covered with sauna stones. You can also throw water to the stones in front of the tank.

Safe and convenient tap solution
The new tap solution makes it safer to work with hot water. You can take the tap away from the hot water heater and stove and drain the warm water safely without burning yourself.
You can install the tap to sauna benches with fixing bracket. It’s also possible to embed the tap in to edge of sauna bench. If you can’t install the tap to benches you can use the same bracket for installing the tap to the wall.

Color Musta
Weight kg 10
Dimensions depth cm 36
Dimensions width cm 36
Dimensions height cm 91
Stone capacity max. kg 15 (Ø 5-10 cm)
Water tank capacity l 25
Diameter of smoke outlet mm 115