Outdoor griddle pan WS200

Equip your Harvia flare smoker with a steel outdoor griddle pan.

The Harvia FlareSmoker enhances the joy of cooking. Versatile, fast, easy to use and to clean. No smoke inconvenience, weatherproof.

The closed fire space of the FlareSmoker makes it safe under any weather conditions.The stylish outlook, the durability and specially the easy use of the Harvia FlareSmoker make it a desirable quality product. It is mostly made of stainless steel. All the grids are chromeplated and easy to wash. The Smoker includes a heat transfer, a grease separator, smokegrids and a flaregrid with holders. The fireplace bottom pan made of steel is optional.

As an optional device you can order a thicker heat transfer unit, which will work as a fireplace bottom pan. This way you can fry fish, meat, thin pancakes and vegetables. On this so-called fireplace bottom pan it is easy to cook foil wrapped potatoes, any vegetable and even a roast beef. Flaring will broil fast your poultry and steak. Even many delicious desserts will be a success in the FlareSmoker.

Weight kg 4
Dimensions depth cm 48
Dimensions width cm 44
Dimensions height cm 1