Protective sheath for the Cilindro Plus sauna heater HPP11

Cilindro Plus sauna heaters may be equipped with a stylish HPP11 protective sheath made out of brushed stainless steel. Thanks to the protective sheath, the heater may be installed closer to the wall or benches of the sauna.The protective sheath also protects the sauna from stone dust and shields the wooden surfaces from splashing water. The protective sheath is also ideal for corner installations. You can also install two protective sheaths, enabling installation of the Cilindro Plus sauna heater between benches that face each other, for example.

For safe sauna experiences – Harvia.

1 kpl

Protective sheath for the Cilindro Plus sauna heater

• The stainless steel protective sheath is designed for sauna heaters.
• Protects the walls and structures of the sauna from heat and spraying water.
• Reduces the required safety distance considerably, as the required safety distance with the protective sheath is only 30 mm measured from the sheath.
• Recommended for corner installations, allowing for a significant amount of the stone mass of the heater to remain visible.
• You can also install two protective sheaths onto one heater.
• Two sheaths are recommended if the heater is installed between benches or if installation with sufficient safety distances is otherwise difficult.
• The fasteners are made out of stainless steel.
• Compatible products:
o Harvia HPC2 or HPC2L embedding flanges for embedding into benches
o Harvia HPP3 or HPP3L safety railings