Protective sheath for the Cilindro heater HPC5

The Harvia HPC5 protective sheath forms a perfect pair with the tall 10.0/13.5 kW or 16.6/19.8 kW Cilindro heater placed close to a wall. The protective sheath also protects wall surfaces against dirt from the sauna water and stone dust.

(10.0/13.5 kW and 16.6/19.8 kW models)

Enjoyment from safety

The Cilindro Pro can be equipped with protective plate HPC5, which enables the heater to be installed closer to a wall or corner of the sauna. The plate also protects the wall surfaces from water and stone dust stains.


Weight kg 4,5
Dimensions depth cm 18,4
Dimensions width cm 47,5
Dimensions height cm 90,5

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