Radiant infrared cabin SGC1210BR

The Harvia Radiant SGC1210BR infrared cabin enables you to relax whenever it suits you best. Grab a magazine, sit down on the bench onto a towel and reserve half an hour just for yourself. Feel a sense of well-being wash over your body and mind. The heat provided by the Harvia Radiant infrared cabin provides you with complete relaxation and a sense of refreshment, as the heat of the infrared cabin is similar to the good warmth provided by the sun. The Harvia Radiant infrared cabin brings the warmth of a holiday trip to your home.

A warm holiday in your own home

The Harvia Radiant infrared cabin lets you relax in warmth whenever it best suits you. The cabin works on the basis of direct heat radiator elements that produce infrared radiation. The warmth is similar to that produced by the sun. The infrared heat provides you with an all-encompassing feeling of relaxation and refreshment. Harvia Radiant – an investment in your well-being.

The heating elements of the infrared cabin produce dry long-wave heat. The heat affects deep through your skin, which gives several positive effects. It stimulates the blood flow, relaxes the muscles, burns calories, relieves stress and relaxes both physically and mentally.

Technical Information

The Harvia Radiant infrared cabin comes with clear installation instructions, making the cabin easy to install. The infrared cabin can be installed in any dry space, for example in the bedroom. The operating time and temperature of the infrared cabin are set with the easy-to-use control panel. The Radiant is ready for use in less than ten minutes after it is switched on. The lights can also be switched on from the control panel.

The infrared cabins are made of hemlock wood, a pleasant-scented, light-coloured wood related to pine. The outer surface is dark walnut veneer.

The infrared cabins have a modern design and plenty of glass surfaces. The large heating elements have been placed so that the long-wave heat affects all parts of your body. Because the cabin may cause intense sweating, the benches and floor should be protected e.g. with a towel. The benches are removable for cleaning.

The infrared heat does not produce harmful radiation. However, due to the momentary raise in tissue temperature caused by the heat, you should consult your doctor before using the infrared cabin if you are pregnant or have health problems.

Output kW 1820 W
Weight kg 117
Dimensions depth cm 105
Dimensions width cm 120
Dimensions height cm 191
Fuse A 10A