Safety railing for the Modulo heater HMD1

The Harvia HMD1 safety railing is a stylish way to increase safety around your Modulo heater. The safety railing is compatible with the Modulo 13.6, 15.8 and 18 kW models. Made of heat-treated aspen, the safety railing is installed directly onto the heater, making it very sturdy. For safe sauna experiences – Harvia.

(13.6, 15.8 and 18 kW models)

Stylish safety

A safety railing is available as an accessory to all Modulo heaters. The railings are sold individually, which means that you purchase just the right number you need. For example, one or two railing sections are sufficient for heaters placed in the corner of a sauna.

The wood used for the railings is heat-treated aspen, and the fasteners are made of stainless steel. The safety railing can be treated with products intended for tinting sauna surfaces.

Dimensions depth cm 7
Dimensions width cm 60
Dimensions height cm 6