Sauna Steamer 2.0 kW with automatic filling SS20A

The Harvia Sauna Steamer is an add-on device that works independently along with an electric heater to make the sauna experience more gentle and humid. Safe and easy-to-use, the Harvia Sauna Steamer brings a spa atmosphere and the feeling of a steam room to an ordinary sauna. The gently humid steam promotes beauty and health, as it opens your airways, makes your skin beautiful and relaxes your body and mind. Make your sauna an oasis of well-being by purchasing the Harvia Sauna Steamer.

(must be equipped with a separate control unit)

Bring a spa atmosphere to your sauna

Harvia Sauna Steamer is an independent additional unit for a normal electric heater, creating a softer and more humid sauna bath.

It is safe and easy to use the Sauna Steamer. Fill the steamer’s water tank and turn the steamer on. It takes about 10 minutes for the steam to start to form. If you want to have high humidity in the sauna atmosphere, the temperature must be kept low. The steamer can also be fitted to an existing sauna.

Steamer model SS20. Automatic filling of the water tank comes as standard with the model SS20A. For automatic models, water supply with shut-off valve is needed.

Color Steel
Weight kg 6
Dimensions width cm 34
Dimensions height cm 68

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