Sauna whisk SAC80100

The sauna whisk is called a vasta or a vihta in Finnish. Call it what you will, having a sauna without a genuine birch sauna whisk is like heating up the sauna stones and having no water. Open the package and smell the enchanting scent of traditional birch. Soak the sauna whisk in hot water for approximately 30 minutes. Begin whisking as you see fit. The birch leaves contain soap-like saponin, which gently cleanses your skin. The whisking will also accelerate your blood circulation and even help you get rid of small aches. The scent of the birch leaves is also reminiscent of summer and the Finnish midsummer sauna, providing enjoyment for your mind as well. The Harvia sauna whisk is also an irresistible gift idea.

We at Harvia wish you healthy and beautifying whisking moments – since 1950.

Health and enjoyment in one package

Sauna whisk, birch

Weight kg 0,23
Dimensions width cm 7
Dimensions height cm 50