Solide Compact

Solide is a design sauna that features stylish outer surfaces made of light-coloured spruce. The black details create contrast, and the sleek and simple design fits in well with the look of new residential areas. Choose world-class quality from Finland by Harvia with more than 70 years of experience, and check out our four innovative Solide outdoor sauna models. Earth, air, fire, water – these classical elements of nature can be experienced in full inside and around your magical outdoor sauna. The Harvia Solide Compact outdoor sauna is designed by Vesa Vehmaa, manager of the Harvia sauna factory. The sauna combines the Finnish sauna tradition with modern Scandinavian design. It is a true relaxation zone that has the Harvia 20 Pro stove at its heart, guaranteeing soft and humid heat. Solide brings a cottage atmosphere to your yard, even in a big city.

Outdoor saunas ready for installation come in four sizes. Harvia Solide Compact comprises an outdoor sauna that accommodates three to four people

Delivery contents:

Harvia 20 Pro stove (WKP200)

Protective bedding, black (WL100)

Protective sheath for Harvia 20 Pro stoves, full protection (WL550)

Steel chimney 1.5 m (WHP1500)

Steel chimney extension 0.5 m (WHP500)

Fastening supplies


insulation fill

bitumen putty


- floor beams made of weather-resistant planks

- floor boards: 80x19 mm, spruce

- floor beam strength 40 mm, spruce

- outer corner boards 80x20 mm, spruce


- material: planed spruce, thickness 40 mm

- planed exterior and interior

- corner boards, untreated spruce

Ceiling and roof:

- ceiling beams 130x40 mm, spruce

- ceiling boards, spruce

- roof, tongue-and-groove boards

- underlay, drip trims and fascia boards


- spruce benches (upper bench, lower bench, footstool, footrest, backrest)

- the delivery also contains bench supports and fastening supplies

- sauna window with a wooden frame, insulated glass element

- front door with a wooden frame a

Weight kg 818
Dimensions depth cm 203
Dimensions width cm 203
Dimensions height cm 270
Fire chamber cover mm 10
Diameter of smoke outlet mm 115