Space-saving saunas for a wooden apartment building

Harvia built 19 folding SmartFold bathroom saunas and one Sirius bathroom sauna for an apartment building

In the summer of 2016, Lakea Oy built a five-storey, wood element-structured apartment building on the Seinäjoki fair grounds. The building, called Mäihä, and its folding saunas were designed and built with consumers’ wishes in mind.


Lakea Oy was already familiar with Harvia’s innovative bathroom saunas. “We only chose tried-and-true solutions for Mäihä,” says Technical Developer Oiva Nyrhilä of Lakea Oy.

“The advantages of Harvia’s bathroom saunas lie in their compact size, which makes it possible to enjoy a sauna even in a small apartment. Both SmartFold and Sirius saunas have proven to be durable, functional and cost-efficient solutions.”

Saving valuable bathroom area

The compactness of the SmartFold bathroom sauna is without equal. Compared to a conventional sauna, it saves up to several square metres of floor area, and when folded, it becomes an inconspicuous part of the design scheme of the bathroom.


The functionality of Harvia’s bathroom sauna models is based on more than 25 years of experience. All the materials have been carefully selected to withstand bathroom conditions.

Customer service making builders’ work easier

Technical Developer Oiva Nyrhilä also praises Harvia’s well-working customer service. “Harvia is a fast-acting and reliable supplier with products suited to our needs. Harvia also serves our customers well, which makes my job easier,” Nyrhilä says.