Discontinued products

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You can find the instruction manuals for discontinued products here

Futura sauna interior
Rubic sauna
CG100230T CG170T control unit, colour light
DP9999X Double glass door DP9999X
DV91901H Glass door with a side panel
DV91901L Glass door with a side panel
DV91902H Glass door with a side panel
DV91902L Glass door with a side panel
DV91904H Glass door with a side panel
DV91904L Glass door with a side panel
HGL110400 Globe 11kW
HGL700400 Globe 7kW
HPC700400F Cilindro PC70F
HPC700400V Cilindro PC70V
HPC700400VF Cilindro PC70VF
HPC7004VEE Cilindro PC70VEE
HPC900400F Cilindro PC90F
HPC900400V Cilindro PC90V
HPC900400VF Cilindro PC90VF
HPC9004VEE Cilindro PC90VEE
HPCE700400V Cilindro PC70VE
HPCE900400V Cilindro PC90VE
SAC10403 1-step stool
SAC18201 Sauna spirit
SAC80130 Bench cover, laminated
SAC80140 Sauna cushion
SAC80150 Sauna mittens 2 pcs
SAC80200 Bath towel 70*140 cm
SAC80210 Bathroom mat 50*75 cm
SAC80215 Bench towel 70*200 cm
SAC92200 Hygrometer
SACL23071 Colour light 50
SACL23079 Colour light Futura
SAS24020 Head rest Exclusive 480*400
SASF03 Luminous Fiber 3
SASF04 Luminous Fiber 4
SASF06 Luminous Fiber 6
SASF08 Luminous Fiber 8
SAZ038 Aluminium trim set
SAZ039 Aluminium trim set
SAZ041 Aluminium trim set
SAZ042 Aluminium trim set
SAZ043 Aluminium trim set
SAZ051 Aluminium trim set
WK200B Harvia 20 Boiler
HRE1 Wooden rail Elegance
HRE2 Light rail Elegance
HRE105400 Elegance F10,5
HRE150400 Elegance F15
HRE165400 Elegance F16,5
HRE180400 Elegance F18
HMD135400 Modulo MD135
HMD1354GL Modulo MD135GL 13.5kW
HMD1354GR Modulo MD135GR 13.5kW
HMD1354H Modulo MD135H 13.5kW
HMD1354SA Modulo MD135SA 13.5kW
HMD160400 Modulo MD160 16kW
HMD1604GL Modulo MD160GL 16kW
HMD1604GR Modulo MD160GR 16kW
HMD1604H Modulo MD160H 16kW
HMD1604SA Modulo MD160SA 16kW
HMD180400 Modulo MD180 18kW
HMD1804GL Modulo MD180GL 18kW
HMD1804GR Modulo MD180GR 18kW
HMD1804H Modulo MD180H 18kW
HMD1804SA Modulo MD180SA 18kW
HMDA1654C Modulo MDA165/200C
HMDA1654GL Modulo MDA165/200GL
HMDA1654GR Modulo MDA165/200GR
HMDAS1654C Modulo MDAS165/200C Steel
HMDAS1654G Modulo MDAS165/200G Steel
HMDAS1654GL Modulo MDAS165/200GL Steel
HMDAS1654GR Modulo MDAS165/200GR Steel
HMDS135400 Modulo MDS135 13.5kW Steel
HMDS1354G Modulo MDS135G 13.5kW Steel
HMDS1354GL Modulo MDS135GL 13.5kW Steel
HMDS1354GR Modulo MDS135GR 13.5kW Steel
HMDS1354GSA Modulo MDS135GSA 13.5kW Steel
HMDS1354H Modulo MDS135H 13.5kW Steel
HMDS1354SA Modulo MDS135SA 13.5kW Steel
HMDS160400 Modulo MDS160 16kW Steel
HMDS1604G Modulo MDS160G 16kW Steel
HMDS1604GL Modulo MDS160GL 16kW Steel
HMDS1604GR Modulo MDS160GR 16kW Steel
HMDS1604GSA Modulo MDS160GSA 16kW Steel
HMDS1604H Modulo MDS160H 16kW Steel
HMDS1604SA Modulo MDS160SA 16kW Steel
HMDS180400 Modulo MDS180 18kW Steel
HMDS1804G Modulo MDS180G 18kW Steel
HMDS1804GL Modulo MDS180GL 18kW Steel
HMDS1804GR Modulo MDS180GR 18kW Steel
HMDS1804GSA Modulo MDS180GSA 18kW Steel
HMDS1804H Modulo MDS180H 18kW Steel
HMDS1804SA Modulo MDS180SA 18kW Steel
ZRH-721 Figaro
HFG700400M Figaro FG70 Black
HFG700400M Figaro F90 Black
HFGE700400M Figaro FG70E Black
HFGE900400M Figaro F90E Black
HFG700400V Figaro FG70V White
HFG900400V Figaro FG90V White
HFGE700400V Figaro FG70VE White
HFGE900400V Figaro FG90VE White
HFU600400 Fuga FU60
HFU900400 Fuga FU90
HFE600400 Fuga FU60E
HFE900400 Fuga FU90E
HAV200400 AV2 2kW
HAV400400 AV4 4kW
HAV600400 AV6 6kW
HVE450400TI Moderna V45E Titanium
HVE600400TI ModernaV60E Titanium
HVE800400TI Moderna V80E Titanium
HVE450400V Moderna V45E White
HVE600400V Moderna V60E White
HVE800400V Moderna V80E White
HAF400400V Forte AF4 White
HAF600400V Forte AF6 White
HAF900400V Forte AF9 White
HGL1 Globe wall mounting rack 7kW
HGL2 Globe wall mounting rack  11kW
HGL3 Globe stand, telescopic
HGL4 Globe ceiling suspension kit
HGL5 Globe stand, low
CG110400 Control unit Griffin CG110
CG170400 Control unit Griffin CG170
CG170400C Control unit Griffin Combi CG170C
CG170400C Control unit Griffin CG170I for infrared emitter
SAC92300 Thermometer 110
SAS23004 Rack, 4 hooks
SAC26000 Firewood basket
HPIL700400 Kivi Finland Edition PIL70
HPIL900400 Kivi Finland Edition PIL90
HPC900400Q Classic Quattro QR90 9 kW
HPC700400Q Classic Quattro QR70 7 kW
HMSE450400M Sound M45E Black
HMSE600400M Sound M60E Black
HMSE800400M Sound M80E Black
HMSE900400M Sound M90E Black
HMS450400M Sound M45 Black
HMS600400M Sound M60 Black
HMS800400M Sound M80 Black
HMS900400M Sound M90 Black
HMS450400V Sound M45 White
HMS600400V Sound M60 White
HMS800400V Sound M80 White
HMSE450400V Sound M45E White
HMSE600400V Sound M60E White
HMSE800400V Sound M80E White
HMSE900400V Sound M90E White
HM600400MO Sound Eco M60 Mocca
HM800400MO Sound Eco M80 Mocca
HMS450400J Sound M45 Platinum
HMSE450400J Sound M45E Platinum
HMS600400J Sound M60 Platinum
HMSE600400J Sound M60E Platinum
HMS800400J Sound M80 Platinum
HMSE800400J Sound M80E Platinum
HMSE900400J Sound M90E Platinum
HMS450400R Sound M45 Steel
HMSE450400R Sound M45E Steel
HMS600400R Sound M60 Steel
HMSE600400R Sound M60E Steel
HMS800400R Sound M80 Steel
HMSE800400R Sound M80E Steel
HMSE900400R Sound M90E Steel
HJM202230 Compact JM20
HJM252230 Compact JM25
HJM302230 Compact JM30