Tartu’s V Spa invites you to relax and refresh

In 2016, the prominent congress center Kvartal opened its doors in the heart of Tartu, Estonia’s second largest city. Visitors to Kvartal and the connected V Spa Hotel have access to the atmospheric V Spa, of which planning and realisation Harvia has had the pleasure of being part.

The four thousand square meter spa consists of various spaces and functions, in which Harvia was one of the designers and implementers from the start of the building project. The objective was to make the facility relaxed while at the same time luxurious.


At every stage, starting from the drawing board, the builder received information from Harvia about what should be taken into consideration in the planning and how any modifications during the planning would affect cost. As Harvia, with its expertise, ensured taking care of its own role, the builder’s designers were able to focus more on managing the overall project.

Elegant and durable

We delivered to V Spa our armchairs, which we developed as part of our Spa Modules interior modules, as well as our benches for the steam baths. Harvia’s innovative spa modules, made of extruded XPS-polystyrene, are fully water-resistant, strong yet easily formable, and they can be locally tiled in every which way the customer wants. We have modules from single benches to complete steam rooms, and they are well suitable for outdoors use, too. Harvia also designed V Spa’s shower world. It consists of different shower spaces which, again, were realised with our durable Spa Modules interior modules.

In public spa facilities, strength and water-resistance are more important than anything else. Therefore, elegance always needs to go hand in hand with durability. This is obvious to us at Harvia, which is why we can be relied on both as a designer and a producer.