Three steps to a softer sauna bathing experience

While Finland originally introduced sauna to the world, our sauna culture has also incorporated some news ways of bathing that were developed elswhere. Soft steam and enchanting fragrances are major sauna trends in Central Europe. Harvia’s sauna professionals have put together the easiest tips to help you give your sauna a makeover and turn it into an oasis of soft steam. Enjoy your steam!

Greetings from the Harvians

1. Low temperature, a large mass of stones, and plenty of water to throw

The basic guideline to adjusting the steam’s softness is: “the lower the heater’s temperature, the more humid the steam”. Steam generated at high temperatures is naturally sharper. You get to enjoy soft steam by lowering the heater’s temperature and by adding more steam water. You don’t need to feel colder, because, by throwing water onto the stones, the air inside the sauna will become more humid, giving you that enjoyment of warmth.

If you have only a small mass of stones, such as with a wall heater, you can still increase the effect of humidity with ‘sauna spirits’. A sauna spirit is a cup, often made of soapstone, that is placed on top of the sauna stones to slow down the speed at which the water you throw turns into steam. A small make-over can greatly impact your sauna experience.

Particularly on a heater with a large stone mass, changes in temperature will easily impact steam quality. A larger amount of stones easily releases humid steam, as the water remains longer in the stones’ embrace. This is true for wood heated saunas as well.

2. Maintain the humidity balance with an automatic steamer

If you really love humid steam, you should consider the Harvia Autodose automatic steamer. The device maintains your sauna’s humidity balance on your behalf, so that the only you need to do is to enjoy the steam.

Its nozzle is installed above the heater, allowing Autodose to emit steam water evenly, thereby providing an unforgettable steam experience. Autodose also comes with a fragrance button, transforming your sauna into an oasis of relaxation that caresses all your senses.

3. Combi-heaters for those who love humid steam

At Harvia we are inspired by sauna and by the overall feeling of wellness that warmth evokes. Hence we’ve developed our Combi heaters, especially designed for people who love soft steam. The Combi is an electric heater equipped with a steam emitter, which is operated from a separate control unit.

Harvia’s Combi control devices have touch panels to let you easily and effortlessly adjust your sauna’s temperature and humidity to your desire – with high accuracy. To those who are into fragrances, the Combi heaters provide the most ingenious ways to cater to all the senses. For the purposes of sauna scents, Combi heaters come with a frame and a soapstone cup.

Check out Harvia’s total sauna experience concept and find the sauna bathing products that are most to your liking.