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Cilindro Black Steel - Harvia 70 Jubilee Edition

Harvia Cilindro Black Steel Edition presents modern and shiny black steel pillar heaters for different sized sauna rooms.

The Cilindro Black Steel collection offers basic models with manual switches as well as E-model heaters with touch panel control units.

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Harvia Legend Greenflame

Lower emissions with the new Legend GreenFlame sauna heater

The heart of the sauna heater is a fully renewed GreenFlame fire chamber, which has been designed with clean combustion in mind. Thanks to this, its carbon monoxide emissions are about 70% lower than before.

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Experience Spot, the wireless control switch for Cilindro PLus electric sauna heater

Harvia Cilindro Plus Spot heaters are equipped with a new wireless Harvia Spot control switch. The wireless control switch makes the use and installation of Cilindro Plus Spot heater easy and safe.

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Harvia has reached the shortlist of the ‘Star of 2020’ category at the annual European Small and Mid-Cap Awards

Harvia was shortlisted from some 20 nominations from 10 countries, listed on different European stock exchanges.

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Sentio by Harvia

Sentio by Harvia: upgrades all senses

Harvia launches a new brand, Sentio by Harvia, which introduces experiences for all senses and complete mind-body balance into sauna bathing. The brand combines internationally recognised design, practicality and state-of-the-art technology in a unique way. Sentio by Harvia guarantees a first-class experience for even the most demanding sauna user.

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