Cosy sauna for a sports centre

Two couples shared a passion for exercise, so they wanted to provide other exercisers with moments of success and well-being as well.

Jarkko and Johanna Kinnunen, together with Jouni Valkonen and Päivi Kivimäki, decided to make their dream come true and open a sports centre in Jyväskylä. Of course, the Klub1 sports centre needed a sauna area, where heat can treat your tired muscles and your mind can rest while chatting with other exercisers.

It needs to be cosy and functional
The design work for Klub1’s sauna area began in September 2016. Harvia was consulted immediately in the planning stage, as the sauna of a sports centre must be able to withstand hours of heavy-duty use every day. Harvia’s extensive range of products was deemed reliable by the couples.

The goal was to create a cosy atmosphere, so the materials were chosen accordingly. For the sauna benches, the choice fell on Scala benches with wide boards and a lively surface beautifully accented by heat treatment.

Impressive and safe
The couples wanted a powerful and impressive-looking heater for the sauna. Thus, bathers are greeted by a Modulo pillar heater, which looks massive against the decorative stone wall behind it. And the best part is that the Modulo’s extra-strong heating elements have enough heat for all exercisers from morning till night, if need be.

The sauna was finished with decorative details. LED light strips behind the bench backrests create a peaceful atmosphere, while the light installed under the benches makes cleaning easier. The well-lit sauna is also made safe by a wall-to-wall lower bench, a sturdy safety railing on the heater and a robust footstool.

Harvia assisted with the overall design and took care of things professionally from start to finish. Thanks to flexible co-operation, the sauna area was finished quickly.

Sauna decorator’s checklist

  • A public sauna always needs a heater suitable for professional use
  • Good lighting increases safety and atmosphere
  • The bench materials must be suitable for heavy-duty use; treating the surfaces with paraffin oil creates a protective layer